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on my webpage! I'm a astrophysicist and currently employed as a PostDoc at the Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory Bamberg, which is part of the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics.
My main research concentrates on the data analysis of accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries. In particular, I'm studying the evolution of these systems with time and mass accretion rate. Such analyses allow to determine the orbits of the binaries and improve our understanding of relativistic plasmas in strong magnetic and gravitational fields. Furthermore, I'm involved in the development of software for data analysis and in various web projects. See research and about me for more details. Informations about how to contact me are listed on the legal page.

ESA Space Science News

These news are a copy of the ESA space science news, for which I thank ESA for authorization. To read the full articles please visit the linked webpage.

BepiColombo to target mid-October launch
2018 July 26

Europes first mission to Mercury will target the early morning of 19 October for launch, Arianespace and ESA announced today.

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Mars Express detects liquid water hidden under planet’s south pole
2018 July 25

Radar data collected by ESAs Mars Express point to a pond of liquid water buried under layers of ice and dust in the south polar region of Mars.

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Name Europe’s robot to roam and search for life on Mars
2018 July 20

The UK Space Agency has launched a competition to name a rover that is going to Mars to search for signs of life.

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Martian atmosphere behaves as one
2018 July 18

New research using a decade of data from ESAs Mars Express has found clear signs of the complex martian atmosphere acting as a single, interconnected system, with processes occurring at low and mid levels significantly affecting those seen higher up.

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Spinning-top asteroids, from Rosetta to Hayabusa2 – and maybe Hera
2018 July 18

As Japans Hayabusa2 drew closer to its target Ryugu asteroid, a strange new planetoid came into view but one with a somewhat familiar shape. This distinct spinning top asteroid class has been seen repeatedly in recent years, and might give a fore...

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From an almost perfect Universe to the best of both worlds
2018 July 17

It was 21 March 2013. The worlds scientific press had either gathered in ESAs Paris headquarters or logged in online, along with a multitude of scientists around the globe, to witness the moment when ESAs Planck mission revealed its image of the...

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The Astronomer’s Telegram

Nothing published within the last three days.

Recent Publications

Ultraviolet and optical view of galaxies in the Coma supercluster
Mahajan, S., et al., 2018, MNRAS, vol. 478, p. 4336-4347
Reverse Current Model for Coronal Mass Ejection Cavity Formation
Haw, M. A., et al., 2018, ApJL, vol. 862, p. L15
Analytic reflected light curves for exoplanets
Haggard, H. M., et al., 2018, MNRAS, vol. 478, p. 371-385
The dependence of stellar properties on initial cloud density
Jones, M. O., et al., 2018, MNRAS, vol. 478, p. 2650-2662

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